About Me

I’m Chris Snedeker. I am a mom of two amazing boys. Teddy was born in ’09 and is growing up to be a smart, handsome, and sweet young man. Jack was born in ’14 and is kind, smart, and funny! These two guys spend most of their time driving me crazy and making me happy!

I am the wife to an amazing husband and father. We have been together since 2001, married in 2007, and first met in 1995. We have quite the story. We met in grade school. I was in 8th grade and he was in 6th grade. We were in the school play together and “dated” for a few months back then. Then I went to high school, broke up with him and kind of broke his heart. Fast forward to 2000 I was working at K-Mart with some of his friends and we all started hanging out as a group. The rest is history!

The thing that takes up most of my time and energy is my other 120ish kids. I am a high school science teacher. This is what I will mostly be taking about in my blog. I work in a rural/suburban community that is rapidly expanding.