New in August

So far I have had a pretty standard science class. In terms of physical space and structure of my classes. Just this past year I got rid of the lecture portion of my class. Kind of a semi-flipped classroom. Basically most days spent on direct instruction through guided worksheets or lab activities. Sometimes I would throw in a 7-10 minute video clip to spice it up. Kind of boring.

Going 1:1 has helped me a lot. We went 1:1 two years ago and I have really become an expert at our LMS platform so that I can work harder not smarter and also engage students more. I think I am definitely moving in the right direction but I’m not there yet.

Right now everything I do is digital. So no physical papers for the most part. Learning the mechanics of this and of teaching the students to work this way efficiently took time. I feel very comfortable with it now and when I start feeling comfortable is when I know it is time to add something new.

Here is what I want for next year: more choice (maybe all choice??), more inquiry, more non-fiction reading, student portfolios/blogs, more exposure to diversity, and flexible seating (probably not until the following school year)

The inquiry and choice are my main focus. As a result of this and the fact that teacher pay sucks I started a TPT store to sell the things that I create. It isn’t going well so far LOL but I have to learn how to promote better. If you are curious check it out here.


Something my team and I have noticed is that students are not prepared for the critical thinking and analysis that is needed for science work. In the state where I teach (Indiana) Biology is a stated tested subject. Our school has been teaching Biology to freshman and our scores are not great and we are having a lot of trouble improving the scores. So my team decided to propose to our administration that we switch the sequence of the science course and teach ICP (integrated chemistry and physics) to all freshman and Biology to all sophomores. This would give us a whole year to teach the necessary science skills. We are implementing this in August and I am pretty much spear heading the whole thing.

Wish me luck and watch how my journey progresses in future blog posts! Thanks for reading 🙂

Sneddy’s Science Scrolls

First off, what is a sneddy??? Well that is me. It is the loving name given to me by my students because teenagers can’t be bothered to say my full last name (Mrs. Snedeker) LOL!! But I love it and I embrace.

Now for the science scrolls part. I am a science teacher and non-fiction literacy is very important to me. I have noticed that many of my students have a hard time thinking critically and analyzing non-fiction text. I am currently creating different novel units and inquiry based lessons for my teachers pay teachers store and my classroom.

Next up – how I am revamping my classroom next year. All of the things I want to do and what I will likely get to in just one year.