Aversion to Education

Why are people so averse to being life long learners? Social media has really brought this to my attention. Whenever I am scrolling through Facebook and come across some article that seems not quite right, or is something I don’t know a lot about but want to know more, I do a little research. Also, when I want to post about a controversial topic I make sure I understand it first.

I see a lot of posts from people about things like women’s health rights and racism. Social media gives people an outlet to pretty much say whatever they want with very little consequence. As a result I will frequently get into heated arguments with people about their level of education on a topic.

People get very insulted when you suggest they learn more about something they are not educated on. There are a LOT of topics that I am very uneducated on and either I don’t post about it, I post questions, OR I go out an learn more about a topic before I post something. I don’t understand how people can go through life without ever questioning their thoughts or feelings.

In the past I would get into fairly meaningless heated arguments and I knew it did no good. Now I suggest avenues for that person to educate themselves and I do it very sweetly. I always try to be friendly and kind because I know that many people post things from a place of hate and anger and I want them to reexamine that.

I think if there is one thing I want to really pass along to my students, I want them to be life long learners in every aspect of their life. If someone seems to know more about something than you do embrace it and learn from them. If you are passionate about a belief and someone challenges it look into their point of view and learn about it. That doesn’t mean you have to change your beliefs or agree with the person but educating yourself on other perspectives breeds love, ignorance breeds hate. We have enough hate in this world, we need more love.