Build it UP!!!!

As we are all about to embark on a new school year I have been doing a lot of talking with colleagues and participating in discussions in facebook teacher groups. We are all pretty excited but also sad to see summer go. One of my favorite saved facebook posts is about how we are all great moms no matter how we parent. Unlimited screen time / strictly limited screen time, breast fed / bottle fed, and so on and so on. No matter how we do it we are all great moms. Well we are all great teachers too!

I like organized chaos others like complete control, we are all great teachers. I try new things all the time others have already perfected their techniques and don’t like to try new things, we are all great teachers. Some come in early and stay late others adhere to only their contracted hours, we are all great teachers. I could go on and on and on. No matter how we do it, as long as students are engaged and learning, we are all great teachers!!

As we start to get our rooms ready to meet our new students take a moment to remind someone else in the building why they are a great teacher!! Included is a picture of the new arrangement of my classroom.